Future Platforms Rebrands to Reflect Business Growth

Out with the old, in with the new Future Platforms!

Earlier this year, we came up with a new proposition – “We design and engineer the businesses of tomorrow” – that encompasses what Future Platforms does and why we get out of bed every morning.

This mentality had started to shape a new identity. Future Platforms had evolved a lot, and we felt it was time for our brand to catch up.

We first kicked off our rebrand with some internal reflection and discussions around who we are, where we are now, and where we want to be. Although our overall vision and mission have not wavered, we recognised we had outgrown the existing identity. So, we hit the (virtual) drawing board to explore possible options for a new brand.

Re-introducing Future Platforms

Although it looks like a lot has changed, our core beliefs have remained the same; we have just adopted a better visual and verbal style to showcase what these are.

We wanted our first impression to be a lasting one, which is why we spent a lot of time ensuring the visual elements that make up our brand were exactly right.

We wanted our logo to have immediate impact, without being too busy.

That’s why it’s monochromatic with a pop of our primary brand colour: a vibrant and energetic shade which we have dubbed Future Red.

The ‘A’ and the ‘E’ are deliberately altered to mimic an arrow (the ‘A’) pushing forwards and upwards to propel businesses into the future, and stacked platforms (the ‘E’) to pay homage to the suite of technology products we design and develop.

This idea around propelling businesses forward has been adopted in the animations on the new website: the arrow treatment is used in links at the bottom of pages, and some words, such as in the side menu and subheadings, are pushed forward with a line treatment that is consistent throughout the site.

Bringing the new brand to life

Future Platforms developed the brand conception and the initial mood boards, choosing the direction we felt best represented us and where we want to be.

We then collaborated with branding agency Huddle Creative to help us bring our new identity to life. We chose to work with Huddle as we knew the team well, and this allowed us to keep the development of our brand in the family, so to speak.

The approach was highly collaborative and the Future Platforms team was involved at every step of the project.

Are we there yet?

Future Platforms is growing at a rapid pace; our skills are constantly evolving, and we are always striving to be better.

We are still finding the best words and visuals to showcase who we are, so don’t be surprised if you see more changes introduced in the near future.

Until then, we’re going to enjoy the journey so far. We are very excited to re-introduce Future Platforms – nice to meet you (again).