Habits, agency growth, and an office unveiling – reflecting back on 2021

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2021 is coming to a close! With that, we wanted to reflect on a year of expansion and growth. Sure, this year has still been a challenging one – a lot of businesses are still operating in crisis mode and feeling the effects of the pandemic. The future remains uncertain and we’re still trying to navigate our way back to ‘normalcy’ as we once knew it. But as the list of COVID19 variants continues to grow, so does Future Platforms. 

We wanted to end the year on a positive note, so we’ve summarised some highlights truly worth celebrating about:

Helping businesses with behavioural science

In November, we hosted a panel discussion to discuss how brands can create a sustained need in users to make their digital products ‘stick’ long-term. We were joined by digital leaders who included: Rod Brooks, Head of Architecture previously working with Domino’s Pizza; Roxanne Nejad, VP Marketing at Cleo; Matt Harris, Director of Digital Product at Sky; Remy Brooks, Head of Strategy at Future Platforms; and Behavioural Strategist and Author, Samuel Salzer. 

At Future Platforms, we’ve tapped into habit-formation to help brands build great digital products that encourage continuous use. We have started applying behavioural science techniques in order to create digital habits with clients to successfully design products that encourage long-term use.

We’ve developed a Habit Map that helps businesses uncover hidden opportunities of developing habits to make their apps stick, resulting in returning customers and increased brand loyalty. If you want to learn more, get in touch with our team today. 

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Agency growth: award wins

It’s always a proud moment when we’re recognised for our work. That’s why we were ecstatic with our award wins this year for our work with Domino’s Pizza and First Bus. 

This year, we were awarded Best Use of Technology - eCommerce and The Digital Transformation Award at the Digital City Festival Awards for our work with Domino’s, as well as the Innovation Award for our Live Capacity Tracker in the First Bus app at the UK App Awards.

The Digital City Festival judges were impressed with the decade of work we have delivered on the Domino’s Pizza project, with the breadth of work spanning beyond mobile.

We’re especially proud of our win for the First Bus Live Capacity Tracker at the UK App Awards. Innovation is often the key to driving amazing results at scale, and we feel we’ve delivered this by updating the app to include real-time seating and wheelchair capacity tracking. By doing this, we added real value for drivers and commuters, overcoming safety concerns during the pandemic and improving the travel experience. 

However, this feature has changed how end-users interact with travel in a way that goes beyond the pandemic. It unlocks opportunities for travel self-service by allowing commuters to be in control of their journey like never before. 

Of the win, the judges said that the features are a “great idea, launched at an amazing time to market and demonstrating excellent repurposing of existing technology overlaid with smart thinking.”  

Future Platforms expands with a NI office and gets a new London HQ 

2021 was a year of successful growth for Future Platforms. Because of this, we were thrilled to announce the opening of an additional office in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and our new London office. This expansion underpins our commitment to building market-leading digital products and providing improved support to clients across the region. 

The Belfast office supports our business growth and look to diversify our clientele by leveraging Northern Ireland’s high technology talent pool. 

…and introducing new Managing Partner, Cameron Day

There’s a new face at Future Platforms! As part of our ambitious growth plans, we appointed Cameron Day as our new Managing Partner. Day was most recently Commercial Director at ustwo, and prior to that has held roles at Albion, where he was Growth Director; TMS, where he was European Head of New Business Development; and iris, as Global Business Development Director.

His experience in expanding on an existing clientele will be crucial as we look to build on our success of the last 12 months. 

If you’re interested in joining the team either in London or Belfast, we currently have a number of great opportunities on our Careers page – head there to apply today or to find out more. We look forward to meeting you!