Our pledge to #BreakTheBias and challenge gender stereotypes every day

Our commitment to fighting inequality and discrimination beyond IWD

IWD BreakTheBias

In a male-dominated industry, women bring a unique perspective to businesses. We are continuing to disrupt the industry from the inside out, building a gender-equal world year-round, not just when March the 8th rolls around. Since last year, we have taken great strides toward improving diversity at Future Platforms.

What we’ve done

We’ve improved by 23.4% in hiring female representation. This brings Future Platforms above the global technology firm average of female representation in the workforce. 

As well as ensuring we’re balancing the gender gap through improving our hiring processes, we’re supporting women by providing:

  • Paid maternity and paternity leave that is well above the statutory allowance.
  • Flexible working hours to help staff navigate through busy schedules and trained mental health professionals for support during challenging times.

We’re an equal opportunity employer committed to improving equality and diversity in our business and the wider industry. We welcome people of all ages, race, genders, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, background, and abilities to apply to work with us and help us make amazing, accessible products for our clients through:

  1. Implementing improved diversity-focused hiring policies and processes to ensure representation from a broad candidate base, while removing unconscious bias from any decision-making processes.
  2. Developing a best-in-class progression framework to advance women and minorities through the company at every level.
  3. Finding new ways to support local schemes that promote women and minorities within the technology industry.
  4. Furthering the diversity education of employees through workshops, research, resources, and training.

Though we’re extremely proud that we’ve improved, we know there is still a lot more we could be doing, starting with recognising our own biases so we can reframe old patterns in our behaviours.

That’s why we pledge to continue to advocate for an equal and inclusive world.

Happy International Women’s Day from the team at Future Platforms!